Security Testing

Security Threats are a Constant Pressure on Your Business

No organization, no matter how large or how small, is immune to attack. The costs of breaches can reach the millions of dollars. Businesses need protection from all the major web and mobile vulnerabilities, such as code injections, weak authentication and session management, cross-site scripting, insecure direct object references, security misconfigurations, and beyond. Threats also arise from the rapidly growing number of cloud and mobile applications in use, as well as from microservices and third-party APIs. The higher the integration level of your systems and environments, the greater the vulnerabilities and risks.

Defend Your Enterprise Against Threats Large and Small

Without the right security strategy backed by the right security partner, your company is at risk. Security testing is of paramount importance across organizations and is the cornerstone of any software security initiative. This is due to the increase in the number of privacy breaches that are plaguing organizations across all industries.

Take Strides Toward a Better Security Posture with Prolifics

Organizations need to take significant steps to defend their systems and data. Your enterprise needs the right mix of people, processes, technologies, and best practices to fight these threats.  

Prolifics’ testing team helps you assess vulnerabilities, reduce threat potential, proactively protect critical information against emerging threats, stay informed about the state of your environment, and maximize overall security effectiveness. Our Security Testing Center of Excellence harnesses the know-how of leading experts to drive innovations in the security domain. We offer comprehensive real-time security with end-to-end coverage to ensure optimal protection and adherence to your industry’s regulations.

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