Data Governance

Inaccurate Data Leads to Undesired Results

In reality, most organizations face an explosion in the volume and variety of data for business use. More often than not, information is trapped in silos across the enterprise. Business analytics results can’t be trusted because the information they are based on is inaccurate and incomplete. Decisions are often not made with complete confidence and key business initiatives don't yield the desired results to effect positive change.

Be Confident Your Data is Right

Information Governance delivers confidence in your data (right people in the right context), confidence in your ability to accelerate value in your project delivery (lower cost of managing information), and confidence in your skills (reduce the exposure to bad data, non-compliance, fraudulent activities).

Prolifics has the experience and expertise to solve information quality and integrity challenges. We will lead you through the process of having trusted and protected data with Information Governance policies that can be viewed and monitored in our Business Information Performance Dashboard.

Leverage Prolifics Proven Approach to Governing Data

Prolifics' Data Quality service leverages a proven approach to help organizations accelerate the adoption of a holistic approach to managing information by implementing processes, roles, controls and metrics that treat information as a valuable business asset. Prolifics' best in class methodology paves the way for a business-led transformation by applying technology to optimize business processes, top line revenue growth, compliance, and cost reduction. Our practitioners apply deep industry expertise to help clients address business imperatives through the effective use of information across the organization. By applying best practices and principals for managing business information for your industry, our experts analyze your information and develop a unified way to capture, understand, define, and optimize your company's data.

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Get More Information About Data Governance

Download our Data Governance Overview to see how Prolifics can deliver a prescribed approach for an effective information governance plan by focusing on standard definitions, data quality monitoring, data lineage discovery and data security policy compliance.